Perfection in every dimension.
Tailor-made springs and bent parts.

Your specialist for individual springs

We develop and manufacture technical springs for the automotive sector, mechanical engineering sector and more

RAICO is specialised in the production of springs, bent parts and assemblies. We produce complex springs for the national and international markets, from individual single parts to fully automated major series. Our customers include leading companies from the automotive, medical, electrical, mechanical engineering, hydraulics and switch sectors.

Apart from uncompromising product and service quality, RAICO from Weißenstadt above all stands for consultancy expertise and delivery reliability. Our customers know that we are just as capable of mastering technical challenges as high performance and deadline pressure. This is why we are your specialist and quality supplier for compression springs, tension springs, torsion springs, wire bent parts and assemblies. Get to know us now.

Winding, coiling, bending...

Springs can be produced in different ways. Which process is correct depends on the spring and its application. We are guided by the customer-specific requirements. Discover the diversity of our products and services.

Springs, bent parts and assemblies

Springs, bent parts and assemblies

We focus on developing and producing complex springs, bent parts and assemblies.

Development partner and problem solver

Development partner and problem solver

We see ourselves as a solution provider and support our customers in the areas of production, testing capabilities, logistics and services.

Springs for mechanical engineering, automotive sector and more.

Serial part or special application? At RAICO, we manufacture highly individual products and support our customers across the entire product cycle – from sample part and series to spare parts. Find out more about the diversity and flexibility of RAICO.

Do you need an individual piece or millions of springs?
Whatever – ours springs are precise, individual and efficient.

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Certified quality

Quality doesn't just happen by itself. It is only with our commitment to continuous improvement that we are able to meet our customers' high expectations time and again. Our certifications reflect our quality standards.

Certified quality

Our customers

True partnership is important to us

We produce for companies from different sectors. We are appreciated above all for our reliability and the care invested in every one of our springs. We take the needs of our customers into account in every development and production step. This is why the results we achieve are as high in quality as they are economically efficient.

“Springs from RAICO are not mass production items. Each of our springs matches our customers’ needs one-to-one. Quality and economic efficiency go hand in hand.”

Michael Feil, Managing Director