Measuring and testing processes at RAICO

Maximum quality and reliability for your requirements

To guarantee the constant high quality of our springs, bent parts and assemblies, we conduct both process-accompanying as well as final tests. These results are of course constantly documented. We have a process-dependent testing plan for each of our products. This ensures that every part goes through the tests provided for it. Consequently, only perfect springs, bent parts and assemblies leave our production facilities in Upper Franconia for fault-free utilisation all over the world.

Overview of our measurement and testing procedures

  • Incoming inspection (e.g. tensile strength examinations, torsion tests)
  • Documentation for samples
  • Spring tests (statistical selection test or 100% test)
  • Service life or continuous running tests, fatigue loading tests, Wöhler tests
  • Residual dirt examinations
  • Surface roughness measurements
  • Remanence measurement
  • Grinding pattern examination
  • Hardness tests
  • Spring tension test
  • Spring characteristics curve
  • Transverse force tests
  • Transverse deflection tests
  • Tilted position measurements
  • Enveloping circle measurement
  • Relaxation tests
  • High precision resistance measurements

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