Production processes Made in Germany

We develop and produce high quality, tested precision springs

Springs from RAICO are precision springs that have been carefully tested. Our “Made in Germany” production processes meet the highest quality standards. Speed, precision and safety are important values that characterise our quality mindset. The latest technology, constant process monitoring and our quality management system form the basis for high quality, innovative products.

Overview of our production processes

  • Spring coiling with process control
  • Degreasing/cleaning
  • Heat treatment
  • Spring end grinding
  • Deburring
  • Shot peening,
  • Glass bead /corundum peening
  • Barrel finishing
  • Hot setting
  • Cold setting
  • 100% force testing
  • 100% automatic visual inspections
  • Sorting
  • Demagnetising
  • Final cleaning
  • Induction brazing

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