Assemblies from RAICO

Properties of assemblies

When developing and installing assemblies, we can look back on many years of experience, also in the production of technical springs. We realise solutions for our customers in which springs play an important role. Processes such as hard soldering or compression moulding can also be used. After installation, assembly tests can be conducted.

Special features of RAICO tension assemblies.

  • We have our own special mechanical engineering area.
  • We offer line integration of 100% tests.
  • We can handle overall parts procurement, or installation takes place with the parts provided.

Application of assemblies

Assemblies are used in different sectors. For example, our assemblies can be found in switching valves, automatic transmission or snap-in elements. The assemblies handle control, attachment and storage functions.

Other areas of use

  • Automotive
  • Renewable energy
  • Electric motors
  • Control technology/ Switching elements
  • Measurement technology
  • Aerospace technology
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Medical technology

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Production of assemblies

The production of assemblies includes the development and implementation of production concepts for partial and fully automatic installation. But that is not the end for us: We also implement a packaging concept for you tailored to your needs, such as packaging in blisters.

Sizes and features of assemblies

  • Individual sizes and features
  • Customised production

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